The Women’s Health Clinic offers a multitude of services including pap smears, contraception, and family planning as well as general consultations regarding women’s health.


State Injectable and Oral Contraceptives as well as emergency contraceptives are available in the women’s health clinic.  Please note we do not insert or remove contraceptive implants or intra uterine devices.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing through a blood sample is offered at the  women’s health clinic.

Papsmears & HPV Screening

Papsmear’s are important to regularly screen for cervical cancer.  Papsmears are offered at the women’s health clinic by appointment only. HPV screening: It is important to know whether you have HPV or not.  If you do have HPV it means that you have a high risk of developing cervical cancer.This means that you and your doctor can better decide on next steps for your health. Breast Examinations are conducted with papsmears. 

HIV Testing

It is important to know your HIV status.  HIV testing through a blood sample is offered at the  women’s health clinic.  We have a NANOLABS lab on site ensuring quick testing and results.

Operating Hours

M-KEM’s Womens Health Clinic is open daily from 8am to 8pm.  Appointments necessary for papsmears.

You can contact our Womens Health Clinic by emailing whealth@mkem.co.za

HPV Vaccines

HPV vaccines are available to males and females from age 9 years onwards. Best protection is obtained if vaccination takes place before sexual debut. HPV vaccination protects against certain types of HPV, some that cause cervical cancer, cancer of the genitals and warts.