Skincare @ MKEM

Dermalogica, Environ, Lamelle, Optiphi and OPI complete the range of products available for face and body care. Our professional, qualified and friendly staff create a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy your skin care experience.

Operating hours:
Monday and Tuesdays: 08h00 – 19h00
Wednesday: 08h00 – 20h00
Thursday and Friday: 08h00 – 19h00

Saturday: 08h00 – 17h00
Public Holidays: 09h00 – 13h30

Important safety protocols implemented at Skincare @ M-KEM:


(Please keep in mind, each staff member’s temperature is taken in the morning when they arrive as well as in the evening when they leave.) 

  • As clients approach the reception desk, they’ll have to sanitize at the Hand sanitizer stand.
  • The receptionist will ask politely to take their temperature, enter it on our system and show them where to sit and wait for their therapist.
  • As the therapist arrives, both should have their mask on and only as soon as the facial treatment or facial waxing treatment would start in the room, the client can remove her mask. (Any other treatment requires the client to keep their mask on at all times.
  • Equipment and Work stations (Pedi lounge and rooms) are sanitized before and after every single client.

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021 948 5706

021 948 5706

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