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Innovations with regard to M-KEM customers include free parking, open 24 hours, dispensary browsing buzzers, the Blister Centre, free coffee while you wait, a stair lift and various apps to speed up the dispensing process – and of course plenty of staff wherever you look.

M-KEM is very well known when it comes to professional advice and the dispensary fields phone calls from all over the country and even on occasion internationally.  Customers trust M-KEM.

Mr. M is extremely customer-centric.  He is passionate about M-KEM’s customers being made to feel welcome and given the gold standard of service at all times.




Dear Mr. M,

It’s now 15 years since I retired and moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town mid-2005. A month later we were running low on some of our chronic medications and had not yet registered with a local GP. In desperation we visited your pharmacy where one of your dispensers (a gentleman whose name I unfortunately can’t remember), listened to our predicament with empathy and helped us to obtain said chronic medications. Soon after that we were referred to Dr. Lizelle Brundyn where we have been patients to this day. I could ‘write a book’ on how blessed we’ve been to have met Dr. Lizelle and how both my wife and I have benefited from having such a caring and extremely knowledgeable Dr. looking after us, but that is not the purpose of this note to you.

I specifically wish to convey to you how exceptionally well we have been looked after over these past 15 years by your staff in general, but in particular by Gill, Leigh and Arina. Each of these three ladies have always made us feel like family by always greeting us in the most friendly way, always asking about how we are and always remembering what our most recent ailments and health problems have been, and always inquiring if there is anything else they could help with. Due to the Covid-19 threat, I made use for the first time earlier this week, of ordering our monthly medications on-line, (17 different medications via an email to Arina), and to have it delivered to our home. Arina offered her full support to ensure that everything would happen without a hitch and I’m happy to report that everything was correctly supplied and delivered by your friendly driver yesterday afternoon.

I spent the last three decades of my working life in the Service Division at Toyota South Africa head-office in Sandton, where achievement of high customer-satisfaction ratings was one of our paramount objectives. Although certain staff members will automatically excel in this aspect of business through simply being caring and loving human beings, I’m also aware of the fact that management needs to lead by example and guidance in order to achieve the above-said customer satisfaction. I therefore have no doubt that you have played a major role in ensuring that your staff treat customers in the best way possible. Thank you Mr. M ! (Please also convey my sincere appreciation to your above mentioned staff).

With my best wishes.
Wennie Bester.



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