M-KEM’s Orthopaedic department provides an extensive range of good quality orthopaedic equipment at competitive rates.  In addition to this, there are also qualified staff on duty to give you the expert advice you require in order to get the right product to suit your needs.

Remember:  One brand of orthopaedic equipment may look similar to the next but they are NOT the same. We at M-KEM are firm believers that when it comes to orthopaedic products, quality manufacturing is ALWAYS the most important factor to consider.









Mobility Aids

Because people’s lifespan have been extended in general, the demand for orthopaedic products such as wheelchairs, commodes and walking aids has increased. As most orthopaedic equipment appears to be identical, it is imperative that one should be aware of the quality of the equipment being purchased as inferior products can result in the user falling and / or injury.

Our range of Mobility aids include Wheel Chairs, Tri Wheelers, Rolators, Walkers, Walking Sticks, Crutches and Air walkers. In addition to this, there are also qualified staff on duty to give you the expert advice you require in order to get the right product to suit your needs.

Braces & Support

It can be damaging or counterproductive to your existing injury / condition to wear a brace or support that does not fit properly. You may not even be aware that the fit is incorrect if you have not consulted with an medical expert on what is required for your injury / condition.

You should never just buy a brace or support unless you are 100% sure that it is the correct equipment for your injury or condition.  An incorrect brace or support could cause further damage and not help with recovery.

The bottom line is you need to consult with an expert before just purchasing a brace or support that you think will fit or is correct for your needs. We stock an extensive range of knee, back, wrist, ankle, neck and shoulder braces. Slings, support compression stockings, splints and various other specialised supports are also available.

Home Care

Providing care for a patient at home, especially one in need of frail care, dealing with disabilities, mobility issues, or recovering from surgery, presents unique challenges. It necessitates specialised equipment and products to ensure proper care and comfort.

These products include grab rails, commodes, shower seats, sheepskin, linen savers, egg box mattress toppers, support cushions, bed pans and other necessary items.

Our Orthopedic department supplies all of the above along with expert assistance from our trained staff to suit your specific requirements.


M-KEM employs professional staff to advise discreetly, making our customers feel comfortable when selecting the incontinence related product to suit their specific needs. We supply a wide range of adult nappies, catheters, stoma care, bags and other specialised incontinence related products.

MKEM are stockists of tina and molly care adult nappy ranges.

Expert Assistance

Our professionally trained nursing sisters and sales assistants are regularly trained and experts within their department. You can expect friendly, discreet service and an extensive range of quality products designed to suit your specific needs.

Operating Hours

The Orthopeadic department is open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week however for professional assistance from a nursing sister you would need to visit us between 8am and 8pm daily.

You can email the orthopedic zone on ortho@mkem.co.za