Orthopeadic and Surgical

The objective of the M-KEM Orthopaedic and Surgical Zone is to provide an extensive range of good quality orthopaedic and surgical equipment at competitive rates. In addition to this, there is also  a professional Nursing Sister on duty to give you the expert advice you require in order to get the right product to suit your needs.

Remember: One brand of orthopaedic or surgical equipment may look similar to the next but they are NOT the same. We at M-KEM are firm believers that when it comes to Orthopaedic or surgical products, quality manufacturing is ALWAYS the most important factor to consider.


Because people’s lifespan have been extended in general, the demand for orthopaedic products such as wheelchairs, commodes and walking aids has increased, as has the range of products available. It is now a fact of life that many senior citizens in their 90’s are often active and well.

One’s body is usually not equipped to handle the stresses accompanying old age, so the use of aids has become more prevalent. As most orthopaedic and surgical equipment appear to be identical, it is imperative that one should rely on the integrity of the orthopaedic outlet to ensure that inferior products, which if used, do not result in a serious fall by the user and that the customer is made aware of the options of better quality products as a long term solution.

Products include:
Wheel Chairs,  Tri Wheelers , Commodes, Rolators , Shower seats, Walkers , Walking Sticks, Crutches, Sports braces , Sheepskin, Egg box cushions and mattresses

Surgical Digital

Self-medicating and self-monitoring such as in the case of diabetic devices, nebulisers and blood pressure monitors has become common practice. It is essential that these devices are used correctly and that proper instruction has been dispensed in order for the user to accurately monitor his or her condition and know when it is time to see a doctor or in severe cases, get to a hospital for professional care.

Products include:

– Blood Pressure Monitors
– Nebulisers
– Blood Sugar monitors
– Thermometers

Wound Care / Surgical

In the past, patients spent many days recuperating in hospital after surgical and other procedures. Today, it is common practise for patients to be discharged after 24 hours, necessitating the purchase of surgical and other items for use at home while recovering. Gauzes, dressings, bandages and more specialised items are available for this purpose in many different quality and price ranges.

Products include:

– Bandages
– Specialised dressings
– Support stockings


The use of incontinent products is unfortunately a fact of life for many people of various ages.  These products include catheters, disposable bed sheets, adult nappies and other specialised items.  These items are consumable and unfortunately need to be purchased on a regular basis making price and quality a major consideration.

Products include:

– Adult nappies
– Linen protectors
– Liners
– Catheters
– Urine bags
– Stoma bags

Professional Nursing Sister on duty

 A professional Nursing Sister will be on duty to assist you from 8am to 8pm daily.  The Orthopaedic and Surgical Zone will however be open 24hrs along with the M-KEM dispensary.

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