M-KEM 24 Hour Pharmacy has taken safe operating procedures during the COVID19 Pandemic to the next level! Besides the normal protocol of sanitization at entrances, plexi-glass protective screens, masks and demarcated social distancing areas, M-KEM has introduced the following to ensure extra precaution when it comes to the safety of our customers and staff –

M-KEM receives a thorough sanitation process implemented by an approved sanitation supplier – EVERY WEEK

We have a state of the art Temperature monitoring walk though unit at the main entrance along with security sanitizing and monitoring
numbers into the pharmacy

M-KEM has introduced a NEW Parking area dedicated for ill or compromised patients to be assisted at their vehicles with their prescriptions and other required items without them having to leave their vehicles. Every attempt is made to prepare the prescription beforehand so that the process is quick and efficient.

If you would like to make use of this special service, please contact our dispensary to make the necessary arrangements.

At M-KEM 24 Hour Pharmacy safety comes first – JUST FOR YOU.


 Your One Stop Pharmacy

 Besides the aesthetic appeal of M-KEM’s Dispensary, the design has resulted in time saving, greater comfort and less hassle for the M-KEM consumer. The divisions between the computers ensure consumer privacy and the layout has solved the problem of long queues of people. Comfortable seating is provided as well as a facility to enable them to browse until called.

In addition to the above is the M-KEM ACCESS Card which, when swiped, produces the patients details thereby saving time at the dispensary when filling prescriptions.

Remember that M-KEM is ALWAYS OPEN for your convenience – ALL day, every day and ALL night, every night.

Dispensary Staff

M-KEM’s 24 Hour Pharmacy prides itself on its calibre of staff. The Pharmacists’ principal duty is to ensure that patients receive the correct medication and are clear as to the manner in which it is to be used. In order to allow Pharmacists to carry out the function which they are qualified / trained to perform, Pharmacist Assistants perform the supporting role in the Dispensary. They have a recognised two-year qualification and are permitted by law to carry out these functions under the supervision of a Pharmacist.


Generic Medicine

Generic alternatives are available for a wide range of prescribed items. The Pharmacist will always make it clear that generics are available allowing the client to make an informed decision.

Blister Center

M-KEM has introduced a Blister Centre which carries out the pre packaging of medication for patients in an easy dose format. This is particualrly relevant to old age homes and care givers of patients on complicated medication regimes.
Email: medipak@mkem.co.za

Repeat Prescriptions

Customers who have repeat prescriptions can now make use of M-Kem’s fax (021 945 2350), phone (021 948 5706) or e-mail (rx@mkem.co.za) service to send through the prescriptions which they can then collect at their later convenience.

Call Centre: M-KEM has initiated a system for repeats of chronic medication. By simply requesting the service at M-KEM’s Dispensary, repeats will be processed automatically on a monthly basis. An SMS is then sent to the patient to collect at their earliest convenience.

Self Medication

M-KEM’s Express Self Medication dispensary is conveniently situated at the entrance of the M-KEM so that you do not have to wait in line at the 24 hour dispensary.  M-KEM’s Express Self Medication dispensary is open daily from 8am to 8pm.  You can literally run in, get what you need and leave without the hassle!

Medical Aids

M-KEM has joined a group of large independent pharmacies operating nationally in order to obtain chronic medical aid contracts which have not been available to individual pharmacies. If you are a member of the following medical aids, you may now obtain your chronic medicines at M-KEM.

Contact Us


Prescriptions: rx@mkem.co.za

021 948 5706

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