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M-KEM’s Health Zone has devoted a large area to complementary medicine and has focused on this department. People are more inclined these days to take control of their health care. With internet access at their disposal, they are also more informed than was previously the case.
Specialized training in the usage and formulations of complementary medicines is essential to recommend the correct medication for the correct ailment. M-KEM’s Complementary Health Staff are regularly updated and undergo training to ensure that their knowledge of Complementary Medicine is sufficient.

“Natural” does not always mean “safe”. Often, when used in combination with prescribed medicine, they can have undesired effects. It is essential that the user be assisted by somebody who is adequately trained.

Included in this department (otherwise known as alternative medicines), are homeopathic, herbal and natural products.

Hello there!


I would like to introduce myself! My name is Simoné E. Amann. I am a new addition to the M-Kem Team.  I believe in all things Happy and Healthy!

I am a qualified Phytotherapist from the University of the Western Cape, where I completed a 5-year program.

What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is the use of herbal remedies to assist in the treatment and management of disease. Many products have their history in herbal medicine; thus, the reason herbal medicine has become so popular of late.

People are searching for sustainable ways to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and complimentary health can assist them. If you want to know more feel free to come visit the Health Zone at M-Kem! We are ready and eager to help.

Wishing you a happy and healthy day!

Our Brands

M-KEM’s Health Zone stocks a vast range of products including: Solgar, Solal, Good Health, Enzyme Process, Vital, Natura, Metagenix, TIBB, Pegasus, A.Vogel, Pharmachoice, Nutrilida, Biostrath, Menacal, Spirulina, Bach Flower Remedies, Burgess & Finch, Homeforce, Phytoforce, Heel, Herbaforce, MNI, Eye Q, Vibrant Health, Sportron, Amipro and a host of others.

Health Foods

M-KEM’s Healh Zone also has available an extensive range of specialised health foods including gluten free products, alternative sweetners / sugars, nut flours, oils, diabetic friendly foods, herbal teas and low carb foods. brands include Lifegain, Future Life, Natures Choice, Superfoods, Crede Oils, Health Connection and many more.

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021 948 5706

021 948 5706

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