M-KEM’s general clinic covers a comprehensive range of screening tests and health concerns.  Our professional nurses are qualified to screen, advise, refer when neccesary and administer injections.  No appointments are necessary, walk in patients are welcome. The general clinic is open from 8am to 8pm daily.

Blood Pressure

Measurement of blood pressure is non-invasive and may be carried out by a nursing sister, medical practitioner or even at home through the purchase of a reliable devise.  One single measurement is not enough as fluctuations occur which are dependent on circumstances at the time of testing.

Although lifestyle changes such as body mass control and reduction of stress would reduce a high BP, even one very high reading is an indication that medical intervention is necessary to avoid a stroke or other life threatening symptoms. Headache tablets mask symptoms and regular use thereof is alone a reason to have oneself tested.

Iron Levels

Iron deficiency is a common cause of too few healthy red blood cells in the body (anaemia). In a pregnant woman, iron deficiency puts the baby at risk of developmental delays. Fatigue is the most common symptom. Treatment includes iron supplements and a focus on any underlying causes. Our iron level screening includes either a finger prick screening or blood work screening.

Glucose Levels

Excess sugar in the blood is easily measured by obtaining a drop of blood from a finger prick which is placed on a test strip.  Unfortunately the incidence of Diabetes world-wide is increasing at an alarming rate, largely due to obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Our glucose screening includes either a finger prick screening or blood work screening.

Cholesterol Levels

The clogging of the arteries, usually resulting in an untreated condition, does not cause pain.  A family history of this condition will ensure a carryover of the condition to the next generation(s) and is therefore a good reason to test – learn from the past!!

Where genetic predisposition is a factor, medical practitioners see this as a ‘red flag’ and a ‘fasting’ level test is advisable. A level taken as a result of random testing (even on a full stomach) would, if low enough indicate healthy, non-clogged arteries. Our cholesterol screening includes either a finger prick screening or blood work screening.

Vitamin B Injections

An untreated vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to neurological problems or pernicious anemia, which occurs when your body doesn’t have enough B12 to produce the amount of red blood cells it needs.  Vitamin B12 shots are typically the most common way to prevent or treat a deficiency. The injections can be prescribed by M-KEM’s professional nurses (who are overseen by a medical doctor) and given intramuscularly or into muscle.

Prescribed Injectables

M-KEM’s qualified professional nurses are equipped to administer any injectables prescribed by your doctor.  You simply collect the prescribed medication and visit the general clinic for a nurse to administer the injection.

Wellness Screening

You can do your complete Vitality / wellness screening at M-KEM – including the Biokineticist screening.  We understand that your time is precious –  you can now call in before your screening and we will fill in your details before hand so that your screening process is super quick and easy.  No mess, no fuss!

Flu Vaccinations

Influenza is a deadly virus that kills more people than breast cancer.  It is a highly transmissible respiratory disease and is airborne spread.  There are approximately 11 536 seasonal influenza-associated deaths in South Africa every year. Everyone should get vaccinated against flu –  It’s never too late to vaccinate.  However, these are the groups of people that we highly recommend get vaccinated against the FLU virus:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Persons aged >65 years
  • Individuals who are at high risk for influenza complications because of underlying medical conditions or who are receiving regular medical care for conditions such as pulmonary disease.
  • HIV-infected individuals irrespective of CD4 counts
  • Pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the vaccine to be in full force when it comes to protecting you against the FLU.

Operating Hours

M-KEM’s general clinic is open daily from 8am to 8pm.  No appointments necessary – walk in patients welcome. 

You can contact our general clinic by emailing

Compression Stocking Fittings

It is vital that your compression stockings or socks are fitted properly be effective.  Our professional nurses are trained to ensure that your stockings are fitted correctly to suit your specific requirements.  Simply get your compression wear at M-KEM’s Orthopedic and Surgical department which stocks an extensive range of compression stockings and socks.