Professional Nurse (After hours)
  • Position: Professional Nurse (After hours)
  • Duties
    • Baby immunisation
    • Family planning
    • Vitality tests
    • Wound care
    • Drawing of bloods
    • General nursing duties
  • Minimum requirements
    • Qualified Professional Nurse
    • Must be registered with SANC (2020)
    • Reliable transport
    • Clinic experience is required


You will be required to work:

  • 2 Evening shifts per week: 11h00am-19h00pm or 12h00pm-20h00pm (8 hour shifts).
  • 1 Midday shift per week : 08h00am-16h00pm or 09h00am -17h00pm or 10h00am to 18h00pm
  • 2 Weekends per month (Saturdays & Sundays): Morning/ afternoon shift.
    • At least two public holidays per year either an early shift or late shift 


Benefits :

  • M-Kem Provident Fund after the successful completion of your 3 months’ probation. Contributions are based on 5% of our gross salary which amount is matched by M-Kem ,
  • Free life Cover, Funeral Cover, Dreaded Disease Cover and Disability Cover is included.


Closing date : 

To apply, send your cv to

Contact Us


021 948 5706

021 948 5706

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