Digestive Health

Helping you Solve your Gut Health Puzzle: Digestion is a complex system that is affected by many factors and in turn can affect a lot of other systems. Therefore, trying to figure out what is causing one specific digestive complaint can be challenging. To help you...

Reproductive Vitality

  Sexual Vitality: A game plan. Reproductive hormones are responsible for our libido and sex drive, but these reproductive hormones also form part of an intricate system that affects your overall health. Reproductive hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone...

COVID19 and your mental headspace – A perspective from Mr. M

  Unfortunately all of us have been affected, to a greater or lesser extent by Covid19. To suggest that one should merely move on would be ridiculous.  However, we owe it to ourselves and to others in contact with us, to attempt to manage the future in the face...

My Personal experience with Melanoma Cancer

In December 2019, Linda, my wife noticed that a mole on my back looked different and she  was concerned. Because it was on my back, I did not notice it. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that the mole was much bigger than before and was multiple colours. In January ,...

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