M-KEM 24 HOUR PHARMACY is conveniently situated next to the N1 highway (R302), on the Bellville side of Durban Road. M-KEM is more than just a pharmacy, offering a variety of products and services most of which are pharmaceutical/medical in origin, but extending its range to cover as many of the consumers’ requirements as is possible.

Since opened by Mr. Hylton Mallach in 1964 the emphasis has been on quality and service.
The pharmacy occupies two floors, both of which encompass a variety of specialized departments. All deparments are managed by an expert in their field and are able to offer not only a product but also any necessary advice.

Hylton Mallach, fondly known as ‘Mr. M’ is known for his innovative nature and keeping up with the times, so be sure to know that this ’24HR pharmacy with a difference’ is still growing, becoming bigger and better all the time.

Mr. M is pictured here with business partners Leigh Hershaw (right) and Gillian Watson (left).


Free, ample parking is available at the back entrance of the pharmacy, where helpful security personnel ensure the safety of clientele. On entering one immediately becomes aware of the friendly atmosphere of this clean, modern, innovative establishment.


M-KEM’s focus is primarily on health care and our professional team includes Pharmacists, Pharmacist Assistants, Nursing Sisters, Skin Care Therapists and by appointment, a Podiatrist.

Nursing Sisters

M-KEM’s Nursing Sisters perform a variety of functions from 8 specialised Clinics, namely Women’s HealthBabyGeneral,ColostomyDiagnosticDiabeticWound and Travel Clinic. M-KEM’s Travel Clinic can cater for all travel medication and vaccinations requirements for travelling in Africa or abroad.  This clinic has become increasingly well known for the expertise of the staff and excellent service provided.

MKEM Clinics

At M-KEM’s Clinics, patients are able to obtain a full fasting cholesterol analysis at the time of appointment. Diabetic patients are able to have their sugar levels graphically presented in order to maintain control of their condition. Other tests include liver function, uric acid levels and many more. Children’s vaccinations (state and private) include Chicken Pox, Mumps, German Measles and more.

Complimentary Health

The Complementary Health/vitamin department (M-KEM Health Zone) is very comprehensive and includes full ranges of the most sought after natural health lines including Solgar, Vital, Solal, Bioharmony and many others. We have an extensive health foods selection for various dietary requirements as well as the staff expertise to advise you.

Orthopedic & Surgical

M-KEM’s unique Orthopedic & Surgical department is extensive. Products include nebulisers, blood pressure monitorsglucometers as well as catheters. We also stock a comprehensive range of incontinence products, specialised woundcare products, wheel chairs, commodes, supports and many other relevant products. 

Skincare @ MKEM

Skin Care @ MKEM offers a wide range of massage treatments, skin care therapy and more.  Stockists of Dermalogica, Environ, Lamelle, Helicare and Optiphi.


M-KEM’s Sport Supplement Zone stocks a huge range of popular supplement brands namely USN, EVOX, Supplements SA (SSA), ON, HMT, Nutritech, Scientific Sport Nutrition (SSN) and more.  We carry a variety of products to suit your supplement needs whether it be Endurance, Lean Muscle, Mass Gainer, Post Workout, Proteins or Weight Loss – we have the product for you.

Added Extras

Over and above the extensive specialised departments available at M-KEM 24HR PHARMACY, we have also focused on offering a one-stop convenience experience.

Added extras you will find are:

  • Health Footwear
  • Coffee Shop
  • Photographic Department
  • Two indoor ATM’s and one outside
  • Three different entrances to MKEM
  • Comprehensive range of pet food, toys and accessories


Contact Us


Prescriptions: rx@mkem.co.za

021 948 5706

More Information

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