Prevention and Treatment tips from Mr. M, Leigh Hershaw and Paulus Spangenberg –pharmacists and managers at M-KEM 24 HOUR MEDICINE CITY

Winter will soon be upon us and unfortunately with the change in climate comes ‘flu’, bronchitis and other associated illnesses. Boosting your immune system should be part of your health investment plan to see you through the cold and flu season. Each year, millions of people become ill with the flu, which often means sick days, out-of-pocket costs for doctors’ visits, additional money spent on over-the-counter and prescription medications and an overall run down feeling.


Prevention is better than cure’ is what Mr M firmly abides by – he himself rarely gets ill and practices what he preaches so to speak.

Mr M recommends:

The Flu Vaccination

  • Get your ‘FLU’ vaccination ASAP – no one really know how virulent this season’s ‘FLU’ virus will be but based on this he is strongly recommends that the ‘FLU’ Vaccination be taken and seen as an absolute essential in preparation for ‘FLU’ season
  • People who are older or sickly are especially vulnerable and preventative medicine is even more essential for these individuals
  • Consider the flu shot, an effective way to stop flu transmission and maintain productivity in the workplace, by ensuring absenteeism from the workplace could be reduced by as much as 78% with vaccination
  • FLU’ Vaccines are available at M-KEM’S Clinics.  (Travelers are definitely advised to be vaccinated).  A wide range of immune boosters and vitamins are available at M-KEM.

Boost your Immune System:

  • When our immune systems are robust and the viral exposure is relatively limited we shrug off any attacks, but when the viral contact is repeated, or when our immune systems are compromised at the change of season, or in the cold of winter, we succumb, and get a cold, or flu. It is imperative that your immune system is robust before the onset of cold and flu season.
  • M-KEM has an extensive range of high quality Immune Booster brands and staff with the expertise to advise you as to what would suit your and your family’s needs best.
  • In addition to this, it is advisable to ensure there is plenty of Vitamin C in your diet and to consider taking a Zinc supplement – a powerful anti-oxidant and immune Booster

Leigh Hershaw, Pharmacist and general manager at M-KEM recommends the following practical preventative measures when it comes to ‘FLU’:

  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of fluids – ideally water (1.5 to 2L or 8 glasses daily)
  • Get enough sleep – at least 6-8 hours a night
  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands



If you do happen to get the ‘FLU’, Paulus Spangenberg, Pharmacist and Dispensary Manager at M-KEM provides some insight into the treatment of ‘FLU’:

  • In addition to specific ‘FLU’ preparations available on prescription (which should be taken very soon after symptoms appear) Complementary medicines e.g. Septogard and products for symptomatic relief of runny nose, cough and aching muscles and joints are available.  The usual antibiotics are taken for the after effects which could result, e.g. bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis but not for the actual ‘flu’
  • Many products are advertised but I do caution as numerous harmful side effects can occur. M-KEM’s Pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer such queries.
  • M-KEM carries a wide range of complementary medications, many of which have no side effects whatsoever.  This does not mean, however, that ANY body may take ANY of them at ANY time.
  • As regards over the counter prescription cough and cold preparations, the most common side effect is drowsiness, especially for those behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  Drowsiness may be of such a nature that the person is not even aware of it.
  • The opposite effects occurs in certain other preparations, thereby keeping the patient awake as a result of which, drowsiness occurs the following day, leading to similar problems (as mentioned above). Preparations for runny noses and coughs which neither result in drowsiness or over-stimulation are available at M-KEM.
  • Patients on blood pressure medications, diabetic patients and pregnant women may take medication for colds etc. but these are restricted.
  • Lastly, I would like to caution patients taking any medications, whether it is prescription, complementary, or so called ‘natural’, not to combine these without consulting their pharmacist or doctor.