An Article by Hylton Mallach (Mr. M)

We have only one body and it is our responsibility to take care of it and never delegate responsibility to anybody else. An exception to this is those you have chosen to trust, such as your health professional – it is then solely your responsibility to follow the professional advice given.

From a pharmacists perspective I find it difficult to understand the ‘logic’ of those who follow ‘friends’ advise especially when professionals are available, particularly where medication is concerned.

As I have stated on many occasions, tablets are not ‘smarties’ and mixtures are not ‘cool drinks’.  Judging by the mountains of medication consumed, one would imagine everybody is ill all the time!

Medication is prescribed for the following reasons:

  1. To Cure e.g. antibiotics
  2. To Prevent e.g. anti-malarial
  3. To Control e.g. Diabetes, epilepsy
  4. To Alleviate Symptoms e.g. paracetamol

These medications are only to be taken in prescribed doses, usually for a limited period, as prescribed by your Doctor.

There are good reasons for the restrictions on the sale of medication, especially where continued monitoring of patients is necessary.

Having stated the above, a word of caution to those who stop taking their tablets without consulting their prescriber for whatever reason – this can be do more damage than good and may seriously affect your short or long term health.

Medications have side effects which in many cases are dose dependent.  However, in certain instances, even minimal quantities could result in disastrous implications.

Common side effects of medications are drowsiness or the opposite – sleeplessness, as well as addiction, gastric issues and many other bodily effects.  This can happen when medication is taken singly or in combination with other medications.  This is very prevalent in cold, cough and pain preparations where the same ingredient is a common denominator.

Certain medications should not be taken during pregnancy and adult medications are only meant for adults and NOT for children. Another fact that should be taken seriously is that ‘Natural’ medicine does not necessarily mean safe medicine.

Lastly, professional advice is ALWAY available at M-KEM 24 Hour Pharmacy.  We have pharmacists on duty 24 hours a day, all day, every day.