People are naturally embarrassed when having to purchase personal products, especially when it is for their own use.  These include sanitary towels, catheters, incontinent products for urinary and faecal use, Vacuret and condoms etc.

For these reasons M-KEM employs professional staff and other trained staff to advise discreetly, making our customers feel comfortable in what can be an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

In addition to this, besides these products being on open mass display for convenience, personal products are also stored when store traffic is limited.

What is Incontinence 1?

Bladder weakness is as common as hay fever, and every 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men will experience it at some point.

Incontinence in short is leakage of the bladder or loss of bladder control, and can be caused by various factors including, bladder weakness, Urinary Tract Infections, medications, menopause, pregnancy and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s to name a few

Diagnosis of Incontinence 2?

To identify and diagnose medical Bladder control conditions, it is best to seek medical advice from your health care practitioner (HCP). In general, your HCP will complete a physical assessment, and identify if there is a family history or other factors. An HCP, may do a stress test, asking you to cough etc. Stress incontinence is quite general and is caused by movement, which places pressure on the bladder and then causes urine leakage.

Symptoms of Incontinence 

There are various types of incontinence, and they present with various symptoms but may include the following:

  • Urine leaks caused by coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising (stress incontinence)
  • A sudden urge to urinate which generally follows by an involuntary loss of urine.
  • You may experience functional incontinence, i.e., you don’t make it to the toilet fast enough, or you battle to unbutton your pants in time. You may also experience immobility due to physical conditions or old age

TRY TENA TODAY – The No.1 World Incontinence brand 4

Whether you are looking after a loved one, or experiencing bladder weakness yourself. TENA offers a range of quality products for light, moderate and heavy incontinence.

  1. Light to moderate (A range of liners & pads) – designed to absorb liquid fast, provides odour control, and limits moisture to the skin.

For Woman : It is important to note Incontinence products and sanitary pads are not the same, and TENA has been developed specifically to assist with Incontinence. The below products are for small leakages, where the individual or patient is still mobile, starting with liners of 3mm to pads for heavier and night time leakages.

For Men: TENA Men Level 2 absorbent protectors offer medium absorbency for men against leaks. Shaped and designed specifically for men

  1. Moderate to heavy (A range of Pants & Pads) – with a modern design “looks and feels like underwear” for mobile and active users allowing independence. The pants can absorb moderate to large quantities of urine. They are soft, breathable and provides odour control
  1. Heavy Incontinence ProSkin range (Pants & Slip & Flex)

Pants: Unisex Pants for mobile to semi-mobile individuals

Slip: Semi-mobile and bedridden individuals, with wide hook tapes easy to fasten and adjust multiple times to secure optimal fit

Flex: A belted product, for mobile, semi-mobile & bedridden individuals. Ideal for caregivers to adjust fixation.

A full range of ‘personal products’ may be found in M-KEM 24 Hour’s Orthopedic & Surgical department including the world no 1 brand TENA for both women and men.


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