5 ways to regain your ENERGY

Even though we are only 4 months into the year, many of us are already starting to feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed.  If you are feeling low on energy there are a few things that can help you to regain your energy!

  1. Get Quality sleep – It is important to get quality sleep. When we get a proper night’s rest, the body is able to recover and restore its energy reserves for the next day. If you are missing out on quality sleep, you will feel your energy levels drop dramatically. (Stay tuned for more info on how to get a good night’s sleep.)
  2. Vitamin and mineral support – Often when we feel tired or even exhausted, it can be due to an underlying vitamin or mineral deficiency. The most common vitamins and minerals associated with increased fatigue are
  • Iron
  • B12 & other B – vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D3
  1. Reduce Stress – When our bodies experience continued stress or anxiety, it can cause increased levels of cortisol. If you are continually experiencing elevated levels of cortisol it can deplete your mineral levels, especially magnesium, which may lead to fatigue. It is important to incorporate your favourite way of destressing into your daily or weekly routine. It may also help to support your body with supplements that assist with stress support.
  2. Exercise – Exercise is a type of eustress; this is when your body experiences stress, but with a positive outcome. Exercise helps to improve sleep and improve the body’s response to distress.
  3. Improved Diet – When our diets are healthy our bodies function better. Healthy diet = more energy. Find a balance that works for you and stay consistent. Giving your body the proper fuel it requires, will result in more energy.

Speak to one of M-KEM’s Health Zone assistants and find out how we can help you get your energy back!

Note: If fatigue persists please consult your physician.

4 steps to quality sleep.

Step 1: Create a bedtime routine

This includes putting your phone away 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Try to wind down with a cup of tea, a book or a sleep meditation.

Step 2: Write it down

In order to reduce anxiety about tomorrow or the events during the day; write them down. By writing them down you give your mind a physical outlet for the nervous tension you are experiencing.

Step 3: Aromatherapy

Creating a relaxing atmosphere can help lull us into a restful night of sleep. Try calming essential oils such as lavender on your bed linen or in your diffuser.

Step 4: Nervous system Care

We can care for our nervous system in many ways. Good diet, exercise, meditation, breathing and yoga. Supplements are also a good way to nurture and feed your nervous system, especially during times of stress.

Speak to one of M-KEM’s Health Zone assistants and find out how we can help you get a quality night’s sleep!

It is all about finding a routine and solution that works for you!