Fortunately I am a very healthy individual. The main reason being that besides binging on my weakness (chocolates), discipline prevails, ensuring that enough exercise, enough good sleep and of course correct eating habits are a priority.


By consuming lots of fresh salads and vegetables, my intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals etc. appears to ensure good health. It’s not always what one should NOT eat which is important but rather what one SHOULD eat provided that the SHOULDS are the mainstay of one’s diet.


There is unfortunately not one method of avoiding Covid19 and nobody professes to have all the answers but by applying the following rules, the chances of catching the virus could be reduced and chances of a quicker recovery are possibly enhanced.


  1. Hand Hygiene: Wash hands with soap and water and/or sanitize OFTEN and PROPERLY.


  1. Social distancing: Despite all the warnings this aspect is not always adhered to hence the continual spread of Covid19.


  1. Masks: Covering of the nose and the mouth is essential (and even the eyes using glasses). Please note that NOT ALL MASKS ARE EFFECTIVE. Masks should either be washed or replaced often.


  1. Quarantine: The recommended guidelines need to be adhered to strictly


  1. Surface hygiene: Sanitizing of surfaces is essential as the virus can be transferred from both people and surfaces.


  1. Considering others: It is of the utmost importance to be considerate towards others. Despite the fact that as many steps as possible are taken to avoid the spread of Covid19 from person to person at M-KEM 24 Hour Pharmacy (to the extent of providing a facility whereby patients with suspected Covid19 are assisted at M-KEM’s entrance or even at their vehicles), some inconsiderate patients insist on entering the pharmacy which obviously puts everybody else at risk.


As far as immune boosters are concerned, there are unfortunately no hard and fast rules. The market is almost saturated by an array of products, each purporting to be better than the next, creating confusion in an already panicked society.


One should do whatever necessary to boost ones immune system at all times by adopting a healthy lifestyle i.e. diet, exercise and enough sleep. It is important to remain hydrated at all times. The common denominators in terms of vitamins and minerals as suggested and prescribed are Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3.

Each of these is available in a multitude of preparations, strengths etc. I personally prefer to offer each of these individually and not amongst a few other vitamins in the same tablet. Pharmacists are available to advise on the strength of each of these to be taken daily.


In view of the rapid spread of Covid19 and the possible difficulty in being able consult a doctor, it is suggested that each home has a pulse oximeter and an infra-red thermometer at its disposal. Although not diagnostic, they could enable one to offer the doctor a telephonic guide as to the correct direction to follow.

We hope you and your family stay safe and healthy in this very trying time.

Sincerely Hylton Mallach