Unfortunately all of us have been affected, to a greater or lesser extent by Covid19. To suggest that one should merely move on would be ridiculous.  However, we owe it to ourselves and to others in contact with us, to attempt to manage the future in the face of adversity.


As with many aspects of the virus, the situation is beyond our control besides what should have now become the obvious e.g. social distancing and sanitization etc.

We do have control over the way we react to the unusual and unexpected circumstances in which we find ourselves.  There is usually “light at the end of the tunnel” and however difficult, we all have it within us to see some positive somewhere.


For the record, this article is written in my personal capacity, without any reference to psychiatry or psychology but rather many years of my own life’s experience.


We are social beings, living side by side with and are generally dependant on others in some way or form. To suddenly be denied the ability to be in contact leaves one with a void which is not easy to fill.  The media has bombarded us with information which is either negative or confusing or both.  The more we read the less we understand about the virus – its effects and implications.  We do however have the ability to stop and for a moment and digest the thought that we ARE able to and SHOULD try to see beyond the negativity.  History shows us that in the most undesirable of circumstances, people have persevered and become successful.


My advice would be to, first of all, consider one’s own position and the noticeable changes. Has there been a change in your demeanor, personality, the ability to concentrate, sleeping patterns and or eating patterns? How have your relationships with others changed?


We all have SOME positivity in our lives. Reflect on this and consider whether you have the ability and means to rectify a currently unhealthy mindset and the resulting negative changes in your own life. You need to try and make an effort to return to a state closer to “normality”.  It is dangerous to allow your mindset to bring you down to a point where there is a feeling of absolute hopelessness.  I urge you to seek professional assistance before this happens.


If you are managing a healthy mindset I urge you to also recognize that people around you are possibly not aware of their own behavior change and could require assistance, even if it’s just a positive chat. Do not underestimate the ability of discussing different perspective to uplift those around you.

Although you may be reluctant to “interfere”, one is often able to assist others just by lending an ear and being empathetic to their various situations.



Hylton Mallach