How to give your child a boost at school?

  1. A good daily Multivitamin to fill in the gaps.
    Children going to school can benefit from a comprehensive daily multivitamin. It fills in possible nutritional gaps in the diet. However, it should not replace a healthy balanced diet. There are plenty of options based on your child’s preferences, whether they are looking for syrups, chews or tablets.
  1. Brain Boosting Omega’s.
    Omega 3 acts as a brain food. It supports the health of the brain, but also the nervous system as a whole. This makes it an important nutrient during school years to support brain health and development. When supplementing with Omega’s ensure that it is from a source that has been tested for toxins and mercury. Look at the Real Thing Omega Liquid or Coyne’s Purest Omega 3 Soft gels.
  1. Stress Support.
    It may be necessary to keep a stress supplement at home especially around tests or exams times. During these periods children may need extra support. There are various options, based on your child’s age. Options include Doctor Daycare’s Calm and Ease syrup OR Tibb Stress Away Tablets.
  1. Emotional support.
    Remember to check in on your child’s emotional health when they go back to school.
  1. Immune Support.
    If your child is prone to picking up bugs at school, incorporate an immune modulator into their regiment, such as A. Vogel’s Echincaforce.

Wishing all the children and parents the best!

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