We all have something that gets us through the cold winter months.
For some it is onion soup, others ginger tea and lemon.
If you would like to further fortify yourself for the coming winter months, why not try the following:

1) Garlic
Garlic is a wonderful herb to add in during winter. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and has anti-viral properties. You can add it into your dishes with ease, or if you prefer there are capsules available. {Insert image of The Real Thing Alli-Biotic and Solgar Garlic Powder Caps.}* Please note that if you are on blood-thinners should avoid consuming large amounts of garlic.

2) Vitamin C and Zinc
Vitamin C and Zinc help to keep our immune cells healthy and functioning optimally. They also protect against the oxidative stress and inflammation associated with infections. And if you do have an infection, supplementation with Vitamin C and Zinc may shorten the duration of the infection. Ensuring that you consume a healthy diet helps to maintain optimal levels of Vitamin C and Zinc, however if you feel like you need a boost there are plenty of options available. {Insert image of NRF Vita – C 2000, Zinplex, Metagenics Ultrapotent – C, Zinc AG and The Real Thing Ester-c Combo.}

3) Vitamin D
Vitamin D is seen as an immune-modulator, which means it helps to regulate the immune system and improve our defence against pathogens. Vitamin D is also linked to mental health; Vitamin D levels affect serotonin levels, which affect mood. *Consult your physician regarding the dosage appropriate for you.* {Insert images of Metagenics D3 1000IU, Good Health Products D3 1000IU and Solgar Vit D3 400IU}.

4) B Complex
B Vitamins play important roles in many processes of the body, including your immune system. Vitamin B Complexes normally contain Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12.
The vitamins Help to regulate the immune response, but also assists with inflammation. B vitamins are also linked to psychological health which is also an important component of staying healthy during winter. {Insert image of Solgar Megasorb, Good Health B-Stress Free, Vitaforce Nutri – B and Sunlife Vitamin b Shot}

5) Multivitamins
Looking for a way to cover all your bases without taking a handful of tablets each morning? Try a multivitamin, they can help prevent possible micronutrient deficiencies across the board. Not only will this assist your immune function, but it is important for a variety of functions in the body. Helping you function optimally no matter the season. Also remember, when choosing your multivitamin that your micronutrient requirements change with age. {Insert image of Solgar V -2000, Solal All you need for men and woman 50+, Metagenics phytomulti and Vitaforce Ultra a-z}
Research has shown that micro-nutrient supplementation, as mentioned above, may assist in reducing the risk of infection, severity of infection and may help accelerate recovery.

*It is important to always inform your physician of changes in your supplementation regime and to be aware of possible overdosing and interactions.*


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