One of my often used sayings “it’s all about people” has once again proved to be very pertinent. Being an octogenarian my wife Maureen, my daughters Carol and Leanne, my business partners Gill and Leigh and my clinic manager Belinda decide that for everybody’s sake I should be confined to my flat – however difficult that would be considering my disposition. I sorely miss the daily interaction with my valued customers and amazing staff. You have all kept me young and on my toes. Being confined to my home has made me realize just how important my interaction with people is – reaffirming my statement – It’s all about people!
The COVID 19 pandemic has had an effect on everybody – Unfortunately mostly negatively. The only certainty is the uncertainty of its origin, symptoms and treatment – so many variations have been speculated and none are proven without a doubt.

Despite that, so many brave M-KEM staff members, working on the front line were affected – either directly by contracting the virus or indirectly by being in close contact with those infected and having to be quarantined. My staff have absolutely exceeded my expectations and have taken going the extra mile to a new level. Their dedication and loyalty has made me so proud to be the founder of M-KEM. I am also proud to say that M-KEM has been open for 24 hours every day except for a few hours at a time when the entire premises is being sanitized which will carry on until it is quite safe to discontinue. My partners and staff as far as possible have endeavoured to ensure the safety and sanitation of M-KEM and have kept up to date communicating regularly with the South African Health Department to ensure that our staff and customers avoid unnecessary contact with the virus and can stay as safe as possible.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank M-KEM’s loyal customers for your support in store and on our online platforms. Despite the difficult circumstances we have still been receiving amazing reviews, support and compliments over this time. For this we thank you and will continue to give the best possible service at all times.

Hylton Mallach