Old age – a pleasure or a disaster?

This all depends on one’s attitude.  Many of us have unfortunate circumstances beyond our control and have to succumb to what has been dealt.  This applies to the mental as well as the physical but how we approach these problems often determines the outcome.

We tend to look back and wonder what and how we could have done things differently and how better off we could have been if…I personally look forward to the future do whatever possible to  ensure that I am in a position to enjoy the rest of my days on this earth.  “You have to do what you have to do to be what you have to be”.  This statement applies to all of us, irrespective of circumstances.  What’s done is done but what’s to be done can be done if…

We each have one body, and as far as possible should never delegate responsibility for that body to anybody else.  You don’t take your car to a mechanic every d ay, but only when something goes wrong.  Similarly, look after your mind and body, ensuring that, like your car services, you ensure that you have regular checkups to maintain good health, but only take it to a ‘body mechanic’ (your doctor) when necessary.

Life is about choices – even for us seniors! Many of us luckily have the choice as to whether we prefer to be in a good health or otherwise.  Correct lifestyle (and not medication) should be your first option.

Mental Health:

Our brain is required to work and to this end social interaction, reading and possibly working are good options.  Enough ‘good sleep’ and rest is essential for wellbeing.   Watching TV is relaxing but not stimulating enough to keep those brain cells in order.  It has been said that the onset of dementia may at least be delayed by applying stimulation.


I personally spend many hours exerting myself in the gym.  I am not suggesting that everybody follows suit, however, regular exercise, whatever you prefer, is a step in the right direction.  It is never too late to start exercising – even a 30 minute regular walk in the open air will ensure better health.  One should start off slowly and increase intensity gradually to avoid injury.


My pet phobia.  Having been considerably overweight in the past, I have now learned to control my food preference and intake and as a result my body size.  This puts me in a position to comment on the subject.  Most overweight ‘healthy’ people if all age groups eat too much, too often, eat the wrong foods and do not exercise.  Fad diets and diet pills are effective for a short time only.  Discipline, correct eating and exercise are the key to maintaining acceptable body size, and as a consequence, good health. Eating can and should be enjoyable.  No foods are totally out of bounds once correct discipline, individual change of eating habits, is applied.

A few DON’TS:

Don’t smoke
Don’t consume alcohol in excess
Don’t sit in front of the TV, especially consuming junk food all day
Don’t discontinue or change your prescribed medication without your doctors having advised you to do so

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Hylton Mallach, (Mr M) 78 years old.