If you knew that lightening was about to strike at a particular location at a particular time – would you stand there, waiting for it? Of course not.

Unfortunately, many of us are a ‘lightening situation’ waiting to happen. The good news is most of us are able to take preventative measures thus ensuring that we don’t succumb to a stroke or a heart attack. So, what do we do about it?

Medication is the ‘easy way out’ in terms of effort made in this regard. The only side effects being the financial cost of which a percentage is covered by your medical aid OR of course the side effects of the actual medication – if any.

What are your alternatives? Firstly, knowing what your status is enables you to take preventative steps if necessary AND to approach the difficult concept of the HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Why is it difficult? It requires personal effort on a daily basis. We tend to prefer the sweeter things in life, fast foods are convenient and tasty and sitting and watching TV instead of vigorous exercise requires basically no effort.

M-KEM’s nursing sisters are available to take your blood pressure, test your cholesterol and blood sugar. Our pharmacists are available to give you advice on medication and of course, dispense your prescriptions. Numerous products in our Complementary health section focus on the maintenance of good health. A dietician is also available on the premises by appointment.

BUT the most important factor of all is YOU and what YOU are prepared to do about your own HEALTH.

Mr M, his business partner Gillian Watson and M-KEM staff wish you a HEALTHY 2012.

Mr M