Article by Elzaan

Supplements – Why do you need it?

Exams, stress and mentally demanding jobs can all take a toll on one’s memory, concentration and overall health. Supplementation with the correct nutrients can help optimize mental performance, concentration and memory as well as counteract age related mental decline.

How does it work?

The potent blend of adaptogenic herbs, Gingko Biloba and B vitamins in Ultima Brain Fuel provide a triple action to fight mental fatigue.
Protect the brain from the negative effects of stress.
Improve mental focus, clarity and memory.
Energize the mind.
Ultima Brain Fuel provides optimal doses of all the essential B vitamins and contains no caffeine which makes it perfect for exam preparing students.

Historical uses for Ultima Brain Fuel

Those studying
Those suffering from metal fatigue
Business and home executives
Mature adults
Those preparing for exams
Those working at night

Recommended serving;

2-4 caps daily

Active ingredients:

Rhodiola Roses
Gingko Biloba
Full spectrum of B vitamins
5 synergistically beneficial essential Amino Acids