Thanks to ‘Wally’ and whoever was responsible for flighting the televised heart operation and what occurred before and after, the public at large has become more health conscious. Hopefully this will have a permanent effect resulting in a much healthier nation.

Hylton Mallach himself is a very health conscious individual who monitors his blood pressure, cholesterol and has a PSA regularly. He has very healthy eating habits, does not smoke, drinks a miniscule amount and very importantly spends at least 5 hours a week at gym exercising vigorously – he practises what he preaches (and so do many of his staff).

The fact that one could be slim, eat well and exercise regularly, unfortunately does not exclude the individual from the possibility of developing cardiac problems as other factors such as genetic predisposition, stress and many other factors are contributors.

A cholesterol test, blood glucose test and blood pressure check is readily available at M-KEM as well as at other facilities. There should be no excuse for not having these tests administered as the price and time taken is of no consequence when considering the benefits of these precautionary measures.

Besides the above, M-KEM’s Nursing Sisters are able to perform a multitude of other functions, some of which compliment the above mentioned including a detailed Lipogram which differentiates the various cholesterol types.

Prevention is always better than cure and as very well illustrated during the Television documentary (Heart Surgery), attention to the above could be life saving.

What is most disconcerting is the fact that many individuals, even those aware, prefer to ignore the warning signs and throw caution to the wind.

It is often assumed that only older people may be affected. This is not the case. These tests are administered within normal clinic times at the standard rates.

Mr M, his Pharmacists and Nursing Sisters are always available to assist you with any information regarding the above and will be happy to refer you if it were necessary.

Mr M